How are you all keeping?  At Elsey Towers we love looking at all the different creatures that come into our garden, the other evening we even had a fox! Some of the creatures are wild, like the birds. We have lots of Pigeons, Collared Doves, Blue Tits, Sparrows, European Finches, Robins and a Magpie who loves cooling down in the birdbath. We also have next doors cats who like to lie in peace on our grass, can you find Gerry sitting at the picnic table. Marco and Chico are Conure Parrots who live with Helen, but they also enjoy going out into the sunshine. Chico is learning to talk, he is still only a baby and is having to learn to be gentle and not bite, but usually he is very funny and he is brilliant at running backwards! Chico is the bird with the very colourful tummy.

I hope you have seen some amazing things in your gardens too - I have a lovely video of the bee collecting pollen from the yellow poppy in my garden, he was a really ‘busy bee’! Have you been watching ‘Springwatch’ on the BBC - we love it!

Miss Carr and I both miss you all, thank you for sending your messages and photos to us.

lots of love,

Mrs. Elsey and Miss Carr xxxx