Phewwwww - what a week!

Phewwww I am glad we are back to normal this week and the Egg Dramas have come to an end! Well done Year 3 on your fantastic letter writing and even better police reports which helped all involved solve the mystery! 

Walking onto the playground will never be the same again - whatever next in…

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Mission Christmas Appeal!

Yipeeeee! We have our first present for the Christmas Mission Appeal!

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Egg Shell Investigation

In Science we have been looking at teeth. We are doing an investigation in class to see which liquids do damage to our teeth. We are doing this by looking at which liquids do the most damage to eggshells. We have eggs soaking in water, cola, milk, vinegar and orange juice! Each day we are checking…

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Welcome to Year 3 our new boy Alfie who has recently moved into the area!

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Spanish lessons

The children really enjoyed their first Spanish lesson with our new Spanish assistant Mr Romeo.

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Maths Outdoors!

This morning we have been practising our subtracting using the 'counting up' method. We decided to make the most of the dry weather and go outside to do it! 

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Children's Book Week

Children’s Book Week 2013 takes place from 7-11 October, and schools, libraries and other venues all over the UK will be holding events and activities throughout the week aimed at encouraging children to enjoy reading for pleasure, explore libraries and bookshops, and even start writing…

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Rhythm Thursdays!

Year 3 are having a great time in their singing session! Their rhythm is fantastic! 

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Smoothie Tasting!

We have been looking at ways to add more fruit to our diet. This afternoon we tried different flavours of smoothies and all agreed they are a good way of eating our '5 a day!'.


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Cinderella Reading Group

A lovely reading session with the Cinderella Group - which book will they choose next? 

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Year 3 School Counsellors

Well done to Ben and Eleanor for being voted in as our school representatives this year. 

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Musical Thursdays with Year 3

Year 3 had a great first lesson this afternoon! 

Please encourage your child to look after their instrument and remember to bring it in next Thursday. 

Have fun at home!

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