What do we know about volcanoes?

We had a great afternoon researching volcanoes. The children were really focused and enjoyed finding out more about the topic! 

Well done Year 4

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Ordnance Survey Study

We looked at the features of the ordnance survey map and studied a part of the map from our local area. The children were brilliant at finding places they know. 

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We had fun today making Christmas cards to take home. 

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Advent Tree Day 8

We shared a lovely passage read by Ryan and Ella. Thank you

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There’s no room at the Inn!

Super singing this morning with Mrs Ali! A special mention to Jacob for some wonderful Christmas carolling! 

Well done Year 4!

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Spellings club

Throughout the week Mr Kilroy holds a break time spelling group to help children to get in some extra spellings practise. 

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Super Spanish!

We had a great lesson asking ‘Who is this’ and ‘What is this’ in Spanish. Can you remember how to ask in Spanish? Ask at home! 

We also looked at vowels and consonants and months of the year! 

Superb session Year 4! 

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Geography field work - our local area!

We went in a walk around our local area to look at the features as part of our geography curriculum and ‘outdoor classroom’ day. We recorded our findings and discussed them in class. 

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Musical Maths with Mrs Ali!

We had a wonderful lesson with Mrs Ali. We looked at adding beats and rocked out to living on a prayer! 

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Is it a conductor or an insulator?

Another task we were set was to find out whether certain materials were conductors or insulators of electricity. We found out that most metals were conductors and non-metallic materials were insulators.

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Making Circuits!

Our first science topic for this year was ‘Electricity’. One of our tasks was to build a circuit that would make a light bulb light up! We were all successful.

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Musical Wednesdays!

We started off the day in the best possible way. With Mrs Ali and our music lesson. 

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