Writing in Reception

Observing real quality story building and writing in reception. 

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Tudor Medicine

In Year 3 making medicine to cure ailments. This one was for stomach ache. It's smells awful. 

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Present From Nursery

Today I received a cress seed and prayer from the nursery.....

Dear God

Please send lots of sun and showers to help my seeds grow into flowers.


Thank you so much. 

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Young Architects

Working with young architects in Year 4 designing new playgrounds. Shame we can't afford a swimming pool........

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So Who's Dum?

And who's Dee? 

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RE with the Nursery

As part of our RE curriculum the Nursery acted out the Wedding at Cana. A brilliant way to understand a very important story. 

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Nursery's Dragon

Getting ready for Chinese New Year in the Nursery! 

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3D Shapes in a Year 2D

Year 2D have been making 3D shapes. Here are two triangular prisms! 

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Bean Bags

The Nursery came to visit with the bean bags they have made using the sewing machine. Very talented children.  

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A Special Visitor....

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Santa Dash

Running and Netball Clubs ready for the Santa Dash. 

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Christmas Tree

Thank you to the Nursery for decorating our tree and to the Motor Corner for donating it. 

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