Happy St. George’s Day 23.4.20

Dear Parents, today in nursery we would be learning about St. George. In EYFS we celebrate all our Patron Saints. St. George was a very brave man, we have always talked about HEROES but the children are hearing about them ALL the time at the moment. Think about Captain Tom! He was in the war, but…

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Nursery News 22.4.20

Dear children, I have loved talking to you and your parents today. Here are some of the things that I said I would find for you. Scroll down to the next picture and you will find a picture explanation of how to ‘Send A Hug’ 

Love from 

Mrs. Elsey and Miss Carr…

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Mail A Hug

Here is the idea I saw for sending a hug. I hope you like it. Let me know if you make one xx

“I miss you when you’re far away,

I’d love to see you every day.

But since I can’t come over to play,

I’m sending you a hug today.

So although it may be quite a sight,

Wrap my arms around…

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Nursery News 19.4.20

Here is this weeks Nursery News . We hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

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People Who Help Us - Home Learning Challenge

Here are a few puzzles that you might like to do, based on REAL superheros - people who help to keep us safe!

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Nursery News 14.4.20 -Elmer The Elephant

Hello! I hope you all had a good weekend. Here are just a few ideas that the children might like. I have had some photos of milk bottle elephants on EExAT that the children have made. If you would like to make one there are instructions how to do it on YouTube. If you can get onto Twinkl there are…

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Elmer The Elephant - Home Learning

Well, guess who has just learnt how to do a screen shot on the IPad!! I am really ‘old school’ and cut and paste for me usually means a pair of scissors and a pritt-stick. I googled how to do it, and eventually it worked!! Here are a few activities that your children might like to do!

with love…

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Happy Easter Nursery!

Dear Children and Parents,

we hope that you all have a lovely Easter Sunday together.

lots of love from

Mrs. Elsey and Miss Carr xxxx

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Nursery News - Easter Sunday

Dear Parents,

Here is a very simple version of what happened on that first Easter Sunday. In class we would tell the children this story, not read it, we would act out the dialogue between Mary and Jesus. This way the children could see and understand the different emotions Mary went though -…

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Nursery News 10.4.20 Good Friday

Here is a very simple explanation for the children about Good Friday. The children often look at , and handle our class crucifix, they have also seen the large crucifix in church, they find it interesting and often ask questions about the nails in Jesus’s hands and feet. We remind the children…

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Nursery News 9.4.20

Here is a VERY simple explanation of the Last Supper. In class we always share some fresh bread and some juice, we pass it round and the children each take a piece. This would be a way that the children could remember the story we had shared about Jesus. If your children do draw a picture of them…

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Nursery News 4.3.20

Here is a very simple explanation for the children about Palm Sunday. There are some lovely powerpoints and activities on internet sites like Twinkl. You will also find some short, child friendly cartoon stories about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem if you look on sites like YouTube.


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