Thank you Year 4/5

Thank you so much so all your lovely gifts given to us on Wednesday, we were very spoilt! 
It was great seeing you all and getting to chat to you before next year. You all seemed so excited to see each other and it was lovely watching you all have such a fabulous time; even if the sun wasn’t…

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See you soon!

Hi Everyone,


Looking forward to seeing and chatting with you all on Wednesday. I am sure you will have lots to tell Mrs Jackson, Mrs Barlow and myself about what you have been up to. I can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown, I wonder if you are nearly taller than me now. I saw Patrick in…

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Hello Year 4/5

Hi everyone

Hope you and your family are all well.

These weeks seem to be going super quick and I can’t quite believe that we are about to start July.

The weather was scorching last week and although I love sunny days, I must admit that I was glad that it cooled down. Flo and Isabel, my…

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Hello Year 4/5s it’s World Ocean Day

Hello Everyone


How are you? I’m hoping you all are well and keeping safe. I posting this blog a little earlier this week because I wanted to let you know about a special day coming up!

Did you know that this week it is World Ocean Day on Monday 8th June?

World Oceans Day is…

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Competition for all Year 4 and Year 5 children

This is a competition open to all Year 4 and Year 5 children.

COMPETITION for all current Y4 & Y5 students from local primary schools. 
Many people have turned to their creativity to help during these difficult times. We have had to think creatively and resourcefully, but this has highlighted…

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How are you getting on?

Hello everyone 

How are you getting on? As I write this blog, I am sitting in my kitchen thinking of you all, wondering how you are getting on in this very strange time. 

This week Mrs Jackson and myself will be phoning you and your families, and I am really looking forward to hear what you…

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Hello Year 4/5 (part2)

We have been really lucky with the weather so far, so I’ve been taking Flo and Isabel for lots of walks as part of my daily exercise. 

On the subject of Flo, I have had to bath her this week, there was shampoo and water everywhere! Flo is a long haired dog  so she needs to have a hair cut quite…

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Hello Year 4/5

Hello everyone

How is it going? It’s been 7 weeks now and I bet you’ve all got taller since I last saw you. 

I was in school on Friday and went in to our classroom, it was so weird without you there but I know you all are well at home. It was lovely phoning around and speaking to you and…

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Hello from Mrs Barlow

Hi Everyone

How are you all?  Hope you all ok at this very strange time. 

I wanted to drop you a note to say ‘Hello’ and hope that you have all been making the most of the time to read, practise your times-tables, help your parents, or learn a new skill. I hope you are all looking at the…

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Hello Year 4/5s

Hello Year 4/5s,


How are you? I can’t quite believe that we haven’t been at school for nearly a month. It seems so strange not to be all together in our classroom.

Last week my family celebrated Molly’s birthday. She was really not looking forward to a birthday during this time as she…

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Hello again Year 4/5s

Continued ...

bake Molly a birthday cake. Wish me luck, as I'm not known to be the most talented baker! It usually ends up being a disaster!

I would like to wish all the children who recently had a birthday or whose birthday is coming up in April, a very happy birthday. Enjoy your…

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Hello Year 4/5s!

Hello to my Year 4/5s

I hope you and your family are well. I know you must be feeling a little fed up not being allowed to do your normal routines but I want to reassure you that everyone feels this way too! However what might help if you haven’t done so already would be to organise and…

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