Year 4’s got talent THE FINAL!

Such a wonderful final! Well done to everyone who entered, it was so so close! 

Thomas made a wonderful winner, his Justin Bieber cover was brilliant! Good on you Thomas. We loved to watch you sing and dance. 


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Festive baking!

The little elves have been busy at work today making honey biscuits and decorating them with lots of festive treats!

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Year 4 has got talent!

I was so overwhelmed at the talent displayed this afternoon, in the auditions for our talent show taking place next week! 

Every act could’ve been a winner! 

Thank you for all who participated and all who eagerly cheered their friends on. 

I’m excited for the final!…

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Let’s Party!

We had a fabulous Maths lesson today! 

In groups, we planned the food, drink and prizes for a class party! 

We discussed the skills we used. We used Addition, Subtraction, Money knowledge, Multiplication and team work! 

I would love to go to any of the parties that were planned! Well…

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Lights, camera, action!

All will be revealed very soon!

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NHS Decorations

We have been like little Elves this week making laminated decorations for HDU at Tameside Hospital. Due to the current COVID situation, they are not allowed to put up any Christmas decorations, only laminated pictures. So we are sending some Christmas cheer in any way we can under such different…

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She’s up!

We just couldn’t resist any longer! Thank goodness for Mrs Barlow and her decorating skills!

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Advent Liturgy

A huge thank you to Aamiyah and Lily for the most beautiful Advent Liturgy. It really got us all in the mood for thinking about the real meaning of Christmas. They shared with us a beautiful prayer, a thoughtful reading and we sang one of my favourite carols Silent Night. We also all helped to put…

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This afternoon we took a bit of time out for some mindful relaxation. We imagined that a balloon was transporting us to our happy place. The perfect start to our afternoon. 

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Investigating Area!

This week Year 4 have continued with their investigations of area in lots of different forms.

Well done Year 4 

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Role Model Award

Georgia received a ‘Role Model’ award this week. This was both the easiest and hardest decision! The easiest because she is a fantastic role model in our class. But also the hardest decision as we have so many wonderful role models! But we chose Georgia as she is a consistent excellent role model…

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Happy Diwali

This afternoon we had the pleasure of listening to Khusi tell us all about being a Sikh and the celebration of Diwali. We did lots of Bhangra dancing and had a brilliant time. I am so so proud of Khushi for telling us all about her religion and culture. We wish you and your family ‘Happy Diwali’…

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