Mr Mountcastle

(Headteacher - Designated Safeguard Lead)


Mr Pat Breslin

(Chair of Governors)

Mr Smith

(Assistant Head &
Year 3/4)

Mrs Marshall

(Year 5)

Mrs Doherty

(Assistant Head & Early Years Lead/Reception Teacher -Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead )

Mrs Smith

(Year 1/2)

Mrs Jackson

(Reception Teacher)



Mrs Atherton

(Year 4)


Miss Carr

(Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Elsey

(Nursery Practitioner)


Mrs O'Connor

(Teaching Assistant)



Mrs Chappell

(School Office Manager)


       Mrs Barnfield

        (After School Club)


          Mrs Blackwell

          (Teaching Assistant)


            Mr Sandham



           Mrs Walker

(Teaching Assistant)


Mrs Karran

(Nursery Practitioner)


Mrs Breen

(Year 1)



Miss Moran


Mrs Barlow

(Teaching Assistant)


Mrs Danby

(Year 2)


Miss Bourke

(Year 3)


Miss Barnard

(Maternity Leave)



Mrs Jones

(Year 5/6)


Mrs Stanley

(Teaching Assistant) 



Mrs Evans

(Year 6)


Mrs White

(Teaching Assistant)



Mrs Willows

(Teaching Assistant - Before & After School Club)



Mrs Langford

(Office Clerk)



Kitchen Staff


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