Hi Y4,

We’ve got through another week in lockdown! Hope you and your families are continuing to stay safe and you have been making the most of this wonderful weather. 

This week I found out about an activity called ‘My Dear New Friend’ which Ben was sent from his school. This encourages you to write letters to people living in care homes, which I thought was a lovely idea as many of these people will be feeling lonely and very vulnerable at this time. Copy the link below to have a look:


It also ties in very nicely with Mental Health Awareness Week (which is this week) and the theme this year is ‘kindness’. Which has been our school theme throughout the year, Mr Mountcastle’s favourite words...’Be Kind’. Do you remember our Class Assembly? I’ve attached some pictures to jog your memory!!

You could also copy the following link: https://www.bbc.uk/news round/52557800 

and listen to children talking about why it’s important to be kind and acts of kindness shown to them and others. The website also explains the benefits of kindness, for example it’s good for your heart and makes you feel happy. Maybe this week you could think about acts of kindness you could do for others, especially people in your house. Maybe you could ask what you can do to help at home or cheer someone up if they are feeling low. Small things can make a big difference. I’m sure you’ll find lots of ways to show kindness to others.

How are you getting on with your home learning? Remember try to complete a little each day, some reading, writing and maths every day would be fantastic. What have you been up to during this hot weather? I’d love to read a diary of your last few weeks or see some pictures of the things you’ve been doing. You can email me any of these and they can then go onto our blog.

The one thing I have really improved during lockdown is my cooking skills. I’ve now made a vanilla and chocolate cake, cup cakes and the best yet was my Baked Alaska (according to Lucy & Ben!) Baked Alaska is one of my favourite desserts, my Nan always used to make it when I was younger. Do you know what ingredients are used to make it and why it’s called Baked Alaska? A prize awaits for the first correct answer. This week I’m going to post a picture quiz on our blog, again there will be a prize for the first correct answers.

That’s all from me for now. I’ll be ringing your parents again this week so don’t ignore it because you think it’s going to be me!! I’d love to have a chat with you all so come on and say hello.

Miss you loads, take care and remember keep smiling.

Lots of love,

Mr Smith & Mrs Walker xxx