12 June 2020

Image of Hi year 3 !

Hello again my lovelies.  I  hope you are all doing well at home :)   It's been a week of changes in our house this week!  You may remember me mentioning that we had some caterpillars and we were watching them grow bigger as part of Daisy's learning about life cycles!  Well, over the last couple of weeks they got very big and then they made a chrysalis and were hanging upside down!  Then over the weekend we noticed another change... the first butterfly had emerged :)  it took a couple of days but eventually we had 4 pretty butterflies!  After they had grown strong enough we let them go... one hung around on Daisy's hand a little longer than the others:)  We are hoping they come back to visit our garden!  I wonder if any of you have ever had any caterpillars that turned into butterflies?  You can learn all about the life cycle of a butterfly here : https://www.natgeokids.com/uk/discover/animals/insects/butterfly-life-cycle/.  We decided to make some butterfly crafts too which was a lot of fun :) Maybe you could have a go at home! There are some ideas here : https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/butterfly-crafts-for-kids-4129196.

Another change is that I have been spending more time in work, as we are beginning to welcome more children back next week we have been busy preparing the classrooms.  I wish I was preparing for you guys to come back, but I know it is best that you are safe and happy at home and I'm still reminded of you when I look at our minion door :) 

The new learning blog will be on the website for next week:)  Keep up the good work at home and send me anything you are proud of I would love to see them :) 

Take Care and keep smiling :)

Love and hugs 

Miss Moran and Mrs O'Connor 

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