Hi Y4,

I can’t wait for tomorrow. At the moment 28 of you are coming in which is fantastic, hopefully by tomorrow we’ll have all 30! It will be so good to see you all again and let’s just hope the rain stays away so we can have our sports day with Miss Moran’s class. Whatever happens with the weather we’ll have a great day.

Thank you to Florence and Sean for sending me their work and pictures. I really do enjoy hearing from you and seeing all the things you’ve been up to. I posted some pictures yesterday of Sean and his brother Dylan taking part in the virtual sports day, did anyone else participate? Remember if you did send me some pictures (if you took any) and let me know your scores. You could always have another go this week and try to beat your previous scores. Florence dropped some work into school yesterday which was fantastic and I got to say hello to her which was an added bonus!

Next week will be the last week of home learning as we would have been finishing for the summer holidays a week on Friday 17th July. You can then all have a rest and recharge your batteries, although you could also continue with any of the home learning you haven’t completed over the summer!!

See you tomorrow, take care,

love Mr Smith and Mrs Walker xx