Settling Into Nursery 4

We have spent the last few days getting to know each other, here are a few photos!

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We have been considering the choices author’s make when hooking us into a book.

We compared the chronological order of the story to the actual order chosen and discussed why. 

Michael Morpurgo creates suspense and makes us ask questions by flashing back and hinting at…

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Think Thursday !

Brilliant Problem Solving in Y6!

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Saving Sam

Fantastic team work today from the year 4/5 class.  Well done on fantastic listening and perseverance! 

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Where Are You?

Well, we have been very busy getting everything ready for you to come and play. Mrs Karran is making some play dough in the morning before you arrive and Miss Carr is really looking forward to meeting you all, do you know that she can draw ANYTHING! We have lots of lovely things for you to play…

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Getting Ready For Our New Friends....

Well, look what we have for Nursery! We have to get it all ready for our new fish, the lady at the shop said we can have 4-5 ‘temperate’ fish. They are smaller than goldfish, but they don’t mind if the water changes temperature slightly. We have to get the tank set up first and then we can go back…

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Nursery News 4.9.19 Autumn Term 1 week 1

Here is this weeks Nursery News.  Welcome to Nursery!

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Hello Children.....

Dear Children,

We hope that you have received your letter from Nursery! Are you looking forward to coming to play? Your peg labels and tags are all ready for you, so you will be able to see where you can hang your coat and your bag!! Miss Carr and I will be getting some lovely things ready for…

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Beach Party !

We had so much fun! Picnics, ice cream dancing and lots of sun:)  What a great way to celebrate a wonderful year together !

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Midsummer Night’s Dream

First, we designed our Midsummer Night’s Dream theatre set and then we made our characters.  We then moved on to writing a play script for a scene in the woods.  We are rehearsing and will be performing for the rest of the class soon.  

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Plastic in our oceans

As part of our plastic in our oceans topic, we tested our knowledge of the five oceans and the six continents.  With our partners we tried our best to remember where the continents and the oceans were.  We then voted on the most accurate map!

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Recycling Centre

Year 4 had a fantastic day learning about looking after their environment.

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