Hello my Year 6 lovelies,


I hope you have all been able to have some sort of change from your usual routines this past week and been able to enjoy something slightly different with your families. 

Despite putting it off for quite sometime, I have been doing a lot of gardening. I’m now pleased with all my efforts and have been sitting in my garden appreciating my hard work. I’ve realised it’s like tidying your bedroom though - it doesn’t stay nice for long and you have to keep at it. Just take a small step everyday and we’ll achieve our goals. 


It’s been a feeling of mixed emotions for me this week.

I have been busy preparing our classroom for a return to school, something I have been aiming to do the whole of lockdown. However, it’s not the return any of us could have imagined: not all of us will be able to return and only for part of the time. 

My niece, Katie, is in Year 6 so I understand the discussions some of you and your families have had about returning to school - no choice is right or wrong!  Each of you will have your own different reasons for the choice you have made and it’s important to know that each of you have made the RIGHT choice for YOU and you family and that’s what is important. 


Whether you are back at school or continuing at home, I’ll be keeping in touch and look forward to everyone sharing the wonderful things you are doing. The units of work will continue on the website which we’ll be looking at some of the time in school too. Don’t forget though, the Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize; they are really useful sites for further learning. 

We will be doing some transition to Y7 activities too related to ‘Go Big’ that I recommended last week. You will still be able to access these with or without the book so don’t worry, however I know some of you have already been able to source a copy ( I bought one for my niece, too! ) and are already enjoying all the tips and advice.


I have also been in regular correspondence with your high schools which I know you have too. It’s been interesting hearing how they are providing virtual tours and activities for you to take part in to experience your new school. It’s all very exciting!! 


What a rollercoaster of emotions we are all feeling at the moment.


Remember though, we are heading in the right direction and we’ll achieve our goals soon. 


Missing you all so much still. 


Stay safe,  


Love Mrs Jones and Mrs Stanley xx