Nearly There 6J

Hello 6J, 

Don’t give up now...we’re NEARLY THERE!.

The days seem to be passing very quickly for those of us who have been in school and I cannot believe this is our penultimate week of a year none of us could have possibly have imagined. 

I hope your ‘Virtual Sports Day’ has been going…

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Missing my Stars

Hello my gorgeous lovelies,

This week has gone so quickly, probably because I am back with many of you now. The children in school have REALLY impressed me. As we have made our way through some of the Home Learning schedules the amount of facts and knowledge they have retained has been…

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Always Together

Hello everyone,

It’s been an interesting week for everyone. Some of us have been reunited and are back at school. The first days were strange as everybody was so quiet, we even had to put some background music on while we were working as we are so used to more voices in the classroom. However,…

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More Bubbles

Lovely to be enjoying reflecting on our ‘Lockdown’ Bubbles despite the drizzly rain. 

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PE with Mr Smith

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Bubble Time

Today was the first day back for some children. 

We started off making bubbles so we could reflect on our ‘Bubble’ Religion work. 

Thank goodness we went outside this morning and didn’t get caught in the thunder storm. 

Here are some examples to help you with your…

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Home Learning Resources

Hello Y6, 

Hope you have had a safe week with your families and are beginning to appreciate some of the new the Lockdown rules. By now, hopefully you are back into your home learning routines and are well on your way with the completion of the planning for week 10. 

The staff at school…

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Small Steps

Hello my Year 6 lovelies,


I hope you have all been able to have some sort of change from your usual routines this past week and been able to enjoy something slightly different with your families. 

Despite putting it off for quite sometime, I have been doing a lot of gardening. I’m…

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‘Go Big’ Year 6

Hello Year 6, 

I hope you have been able to get a break from your online studies last week? 

Maybe some of you have not put your alarms on and stayed in bed a little bit longer than you did when it was term time and felt like you have had a break from your new norm? It’s been a fantastic…

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School Opening Letter

Please click here for a letter from Mr Mountcastle

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Letter to Everyone

Hello my lovelies, 

These weeks seem to be passing so quickly and as they do i’m missing all of you even more each week and need our school routines back! 

I think it’s the beginning of week 8 or  9!!! What I do know is that in ordinary times, this would be the week that I know SO many of…

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Bitesize Schedule 11-15th May

Please check out Week 8 on the Home Learning Page but if you would like something extra, please have a look at the BBC Bitesize lessons too. 

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